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– Gives us the strength and fortitude to sustain long periods of pain and discomfort.

– Helps us rise above our feelings of despair.

– Gives us the resolve to persevere through and sometimes fight our way through the medical system as we search for the best course of treatment for our child.

– Gives us the determination and courage to be a strong advocate for our child.

– Inspires others. Hope is infectious. If we as parents are hopeful, we can inspire medical professionals to optimize care and/or take calculated risks. It can inspire your community to rally around your child and family.

– Patience. Tolerate delays and work up to a sense of overall calm that lets events unfold in their own time.

– Persistence. Have the determination to keep going no matter what the obstacles.

– Courage. Develop an attitude of confidence even when facing the unknown. You can work on this from the outside-in. Start by “faking it” on the outside until you “make it” on the inside.

– Serenity. Work as hard as you can, giving it your all, then release any attachment you may have to the outcome. Practice a sense of composure and quiet stillness. Think “all will be well,” and mean it.

– Optimism. Keep a vision of a positive outcome.

Here are some sources you can turn to that will help you bolster and maintain hope. Your most important inner resource is your belief system. How do you nourish your reservoirs of hope? Many find solace in turning to a Divine Source. Do you pray? Meditate? Walk in nature? Do you have a spiritual advisor?

There are also external sources you can turn to for support in keeping your hope strong and vibrant:

– People, such as your spouse, other family members and or friends. Hope seems to be a social phenomenon. We can “catch it” from others and others can stoke it in us. Reach out to people who are strong in hope. These people may be clergy or spiritual advisors, they may be people who have gone through a similar struggle as yours.

– Music or books that inspire you.

– Web sites

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